CHIA - One of the richest known plant sources of Omega-3. From just $15 per kg!
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Chia seeds and Omega-3

Ancient super-foods - modern nutrition

Used for centuries by the native people of central America, chia seeds are highly versatile and nutritious. High in Omega-3, protein and fibre, they are also a great source of calcium, iron, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Everyone can benefit from adding chia to their diet, including you - whether you are an active younger person or an active older person (or want to be!). Even professional sportspeople and athletes have discovered the benefits of chia.

At Tribal Harvest we use the highest quality chia seeds to produce a range of nutritious all-natural products. We source seed from it's native lands in Mexico as well countries such as Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Wholesale and bulk chia

We supply wholesale and bulk quantities of our products. Please contact us for current pricing and to discuss your requirements.

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